Saturday, 7 November 2009

Well, it’s been a long time since my last entry, and for good reason. I’ve been selling one house and moving into another, which as we all know is one of the three most stressful things one can experience. I confirm.

On the “amazed” side is the fact I sold my house in precisely 4 weeks from signing the contract to completion, and moved out in 2 (of those 4). Unbelievable. That’s what happens when you sell to a banker. Yet another of their extraordinary benefits would seem to be pushing their loan application through in a couple of days.

On the “I don’t believe it” side (though would be better titled “should’ve known better”) my ex breaking into the house and stealing radiators, saying he’d clear the house, then leaving it full of stuff, and generally behaving very badly; the bank sending me into a total panic by taking €11000 more than they should have in penalty charges, later to be admitted as a mistake and reimbursed. But it’s all done and dusted now and the page is turned. A serene and tranquil life stretches out ahead of me now, oh bliss.

It’s interesting moving from 280 square meters to 70. It involved very therapeutic and very radical throwing out, which wasn’t anywhere near as painful as I had feared, in fact quite the opposite; I was quite amazed at all the junk that I’d been dragging around with me all this time, for reasons I couldn’t begin to explain or even fathom. Key trinkets, that I loved, but could not find room for became presents for appreciative friends. Various bits of furniture were despatched to new homes, and a lot went to Emmaus (bit like Oxfam), in particular a huge chunk of my wardrobe, which has gone from 5 linear meters to 1! Now that IS radical! Of course, now I’m constantly looking for an article of clothing that I realise that I’ve given away.

In my new compact apartment, instead of having to waste time walking through a huge house and climb the stairs, I can now call my kids to dinner without even raising my voice. I get to hear them giggling together in sibling collusion, something I missed when I was a floor below them and which warms my heart. Everything takes much less time … setting the table for dinner with only 1 metre between the cutlery drawer and dinner table, instead of 4. Sounds not much but I’m telling you, all those extra seconds saved are going on much more interesting projects! I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I feel more at home here than I think I ever have anywhere. It looks just how I want it, no style compromises with anyone, and I am in control of my own domain. Peace at last.

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