Friday, 18 September 2009

To speedo or not to speedo

Well now I've seen it all. A British waterpark has banned Speedos, and is even considering introducing mandatory bikini waxing for men, in a bid to "prevent unsightly hair being on display". What is it with the Anglo-Saxons and bodies? For goodness sake, what a bunch of prudes. It's the same over the Atlantic where, when I was there last week, I was taken aback to find huge billboard adverts proclaiming the sale of bras that definitely won't show your nipples. Why stop there? Why not sell bras that flatten your chest completely so we all look like girls (well, I'm already there) and trusses to hide mens bits too? What is going on? Are we all to be turned into Ken & Barbie, completely sexless?

In our local swimming pool (in France) men are ONLY allowed to wear Speedo type trunks, and those horrendous bermuda short, or rather long, things are banned, as guys have been coming in swimming in their day wear. And they all, for the most part, look very nice in them, thank you very much (and to the comments about the beer guts etc, well they look revolting whatever they're wearing, clothed or unclothed). Will we ban athletes and swimmers from wearing their most revealing kit? If we do, then I for one will stop watching ... it's a real treat to see the human body at its most magnificent. And as for missing out on Daniel Craig wearing his, well don't even start me off on that one ....

PS. Bring back cod pieces, that's what I say; mind you, they'd just be padding those out too.

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