Friday, 21 August 2009

Bra Straps

I've always thought a blog was so 'nombrilist' as the French say so well (nombril = bellybutton, ie inwardly focused) but having been enchanted by The Sartorialist, being a bit of ranter(ess) and often a witness of the most interesting scenarios in my shop I thought I'd put some of it down here, if for nothing more than my own bit of personal therapy. "Get it out and let it go".

So, today, I am going to start with my Summer 2009 rant: bra straps. What is it with the wrestler back t shirts (made for athletic, well formed, even, dare I say it, small boobed women) worn by big boobed, less well formed women with the obligatory bra underneath? All the beauty and sexiness of the wrestler back cut is completely lost in a mish-mash of bra straps, varying from matching colour of t-shirt to contrast to the worst of all, 'transparent' straps. It looks awful, and making the excuse that it's the 'fashion' or 'everyone else is wearing it' is just not acceptable. Fashion should be selective, and doing what everyone else does is a bad excuse for laziness. For goodness sake, there's enough choice around to be able to find a t-shirt that suits your body shape; make an effort.

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